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      As a teenage girl, I used to study the photos of those otherworldly creatures and marvel at their sheer perfection -- Kathy Ireland, Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs ...'>Cheryl Tiegs - The Huffington Post

      Cock tease (sometimes cock-tease or cocktease or also prick-tease) is derisive sexual slang used to describe a woman who acts in a sexual manner to seduce men without ...'>Cock tease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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      Where do former "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue models wind up? Well, to find out, we'll just have to watch for the sale of uber-model Cheryl Tiegs ...'>Cheryl Tiegs Lists L.A. Mansion For Sale (PHOTOS)

      She made her name in the 70's as Sports Illustrated magazine's favourite bikini cover girl. But Cheryl Tiegs looks nothing like the sun-kissed blonde who ...'>Cheryl Tiegs shows off a little more than intended at ...

      Tiegs is a living legend in the fashion world as a supermodel pioneer and her notable relationship with Sports Illustrated cemented her status as a timeless cover girl.'>Cheryl Tiegs - AskMen - AskMen - Men's Online Magazine ...

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